THE MOST COMPLETE MADONNA VIDEO COMPILATION DVD OUT THERE Containing every video made in her 28 year career!!! THAT’S 162 VIDEOS!!! Including rare tour only videos (Paradise Not For Me, Get Stupid) TRACK LISTING IS AS FOLLOWS DISC 1: VIDEOS 1982-1986 Everybody Burning Up Holiday (Solid Gold) Holiday (Original) Lucky Star Lucky Star (Extended 12” Version) Borderline Like A Virgin Material Girl Crazy For You Angel (Montage) Into The Groove Dress You Up Gambler Gambler (Virgin Tour) Like A Virgin (Virgin Tour) Live To Tell Papa Don’t Preach True Blue Open Your Heart DISC 2: VIDEOS 1987-1992 La Isla Bonita Who’s That Girl The Look Of Love (cuts off at the end) Like A Prayer Express Yourself Express Yourself (Audio Mix 2) Cherish Oh Father Dear Jessie Vogue Vogue (1990 VMA Awards) Hanky Panky Justify My Love Justify My Love (Censored) Holiday (Truth or Dare) Like A Virgin (Truth or Dare) This Used To Be My Playground Erotica Erotica (X-Rated) Deeper And Deeper DISC 3: VIDEOS 1993-1998 Bad Girl Fever Rain Bye Bye Baby I’ll Remember Secret Take A Bow Bedtime Story Human Nature I Want You You’ll See Verás One More Chance Love Don’t Live Here Anymore You Must Love Me Don’t Cry For Me Argentina Another Suitcase In Another Hall Buenos Aires Frozen Ray Of Light DISC 4: VIDEOS 1999-2004 Drowned World/Substitute For Love The Power Of Good-Bye Nothing Really Matters Beautiful Stranger American Pie Music Music (Montage) Don’t Tell Me What It Feels Like For A Girl Paradise (Not For Me) Holiday (Drowned World Tour Edit) (Live) Die Another Day American Life American Life (Director’s Cut) American Life (Flags Version) Hollywood Me Against The Music Love Profusion The Beast Within Bedtime Story (Re-Invented) DISC 5: VIDEOS 2005-2010 Nobody Knows Me (Live) Hung Up Sorry Get Together Get Together (Alternate Version) Jump Jump (Live) Ray Of Light (Live) Sorry (Don’t Speak) (Confessions Remix) Hey You 4 Minutes Give It 2 Me Miles Away Celebration Celebration (Fan Version) Revolver Get Stupid (Madonna Only) Get Stupid 4 Minutes (Live) Sticky & Sweet Tour Medley (Live) DISC 6: Remixes Part 1 Into The Groove (Sidechains Remix) Papa Don’t Preach (Dan-O-Rama Extended Version) Vogue (Dunylito Video Montage) Like A Prayer (12” Dance Mix Edit) Erotica (Thunderpuss Mix Re Edit/Sexual Reek Edit Video Remix) Deeper And Deeper (Shep’s Classic 12” Edit) Fever (Murk Boys Miami Mix Edit) Rain (Radio Mix) Secret (Dan-O-Rama Remix) Bedtime Story (Junior’s Single Remix) Frozen (Stereo MC;s Mix) Frozen (Calderone Video Remix) Ray Of Light (Calderone Club Mix) Ray Of Light (Sasha Ultra Violet Mix) Nothing Really Matters (Dan-O-Rama Video Mix) Beautiful Stranger (Calderone Club Edit) DISC 7: Remixes Part 2 American Pie (Dan-O-Rama Video Remix) American Pie (Humpty Vission Remix) Music (HQ2 Radio Mix) Music (HQ2 Radio Mix) (Alternate) Music (Love To Infinity Paradise 12” Mix) Don’t Tell Me (Thunderpuss Edit) Don’t Tell Me (Vission Radio Mix) GHV2 (Thunderpuss Megamix) GHV2 (Tracy Young Mix) GHV2 (Johnny Rocks & Mac Quayle Mix) Die Another Day (Brother Brown’s Mix) Die Another Day (Deepsky Remix) Hollywood (Oakenfold Remix) Hollywood (Micronauts Remix) Hollywood (Aviddiva Remix) Nobody Knows Me (Aviddiva Mix) DISC 8: Remixes Part 3 Me Against The Music (Rauhofer Edit) Love Profusion (Ralphi Rosario Club Edit) Hung Up (Tracy Young Edit) Hung Up (Dance Music World Remix) Hung Up/Sorry (Dance Music World Remix) Get Together (Kinkyfunk Mix Edit) Jump (Jacques Lu Cont Remix) Jump (Scotty K Remix) 4 Minutes (Peter Saves Paris Video Mix) Give It To Me (Paul Oakenfold Remix Edit) Give It 2 Me (BB Extended Edit) Celebration (Oakenfold Mix Edit) Celebration (Felguk Love Remix) Get This Celebration Started (Madonna vs. P!nk) Promo Only Power Set 27 Years In 4 Minutes (Video Montage By Chad Siwik) BONUS DISC: TOUR VIDEO BACKDROPS The Duck Mixes (Jacque Lu Cont Montage) Nobody Knows Me (Re-Invention Tour) Die Another Day (Re-Invention Tour) Like A Virgin (Confessions Tour) Forbidden Love (Confession Tour) Sorry (Confessions Tour) Die Another Day (Sticky & Sweet Tour) X-STaTIC Pro=CeS Beast Bed Coyote Disposition 4 Disposition 9 Pulse QueenUntitled OVER 12 HOURS OF MADONNA FREE SHIPPING IN US $5 SHIPPING EVERYWHERE ELSE ANY QUESTIONS FEEL FREE TO ASK

Click here to see the auction. Currently $50.00.

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